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Infra-Center Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures laser technological systems based on:

solid-state Nd: YAG-lasers
diode-pumped lasers
fiber lasers
CO2 lasers

Infra-Center Co., Ltd. also introduction to industrial laser materials processing:

laser drilling
laser welding
laser cutting
laser marking
laser engraving
laser scribing

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Infra-Center Co., Ltd. gives you a different types of services:

laser machining of different alloys and materials (marking, engraving, cutting, welding,  etc.) >>
repair, modernization and maintenance of already existing at the customer's laser equipment;
sales of consumables and accessories for laser machines  (fiber laser, DPSS (diode pumping solid state) laser, lamp pumping laser, mirrors, lamps, reflectors, Nd: Yag rods, etc); >>
sales of consumables and accessories for CO2-laser machines ( laser head, mirrors, lenses, control board, etc.) >>



Necessity of introduction of industrial lasers in manufacturing associated with their capabilities and advantages over mechanical processing:

shortening of the production cycle;
development of produce new products;
increase the flexibility of the manufacturing process and the quality of products optimization and process automation;
an opportunity for complex contour cutting;
possibility of working with materials that are processed only by the laser


Here are attached ready-made solutions of laser systems


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